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Galvatron is a piloted Transformer drone created by robotics firm Kinetic Solutions Incorporated KSI, using "transformium" - the metal Transformers are made of. However, the drone becomes possessed by Megatron, who uses it as his new body, eventually accepting the name for himself. Transformers: Age of Extinction received largely negative reviews from critics but was a massive box office success, grossing over $1.104 billion worldwide, making it the highest-grossing film of 2014, the second-highest-grossing film in the Transformers series, the 19th film to gross over $1 billion, and the 29th-highest-grossing film of all time. 14.12.2019 · Galvatron is one few big holes in their IDW antagonist lineup. Love the look of the ' bot mode, obviously still early ithough, but I wish they had gone with a tank instead though. I am sure MS and NA will produce Galvatrons with cannon alt-modes eventually. The Transformers issue 4. Big War manga. Later in 2010, Galvatron kidnapped Dalton, a brilliant scientist from the planet Elan, but Dalton refused to work with the Decepticons and lent his aid to the Autobots instead, upgrading the Technobots so they could defeat the Terrorcons. Big War issue 1.

1988 — Grand Galvatron, Galvatron's proposed Unicron-sized upgrade from The Headmasters and later combiner body from Unite Warriors. 1990 — Galvatron II, a Galvatron from an alternate Generation 1 future where the Autobots were nearly eradicated. 1998 — Galvatron, a triple-changer and Predacon Emperor of Destruction from Beast Wars II. The various Transformers go toe to toe on the ship's hull; Prime faces off with Galvatron single-handed, while Cliffjumper continues to work on landing the ship. Below, Six Shot is angry over his rebuke, especially since he has a clear shot at the ship; eventually he decides he can't wait any more, and fires.

Notes Continuity notes. First appearances: Galvatron, Sideswipe, Leadfoot, Hound, Skram, Warpath, Road Rocket Transformers references. A Transformer resembling the Marvel Comics continuity Thunderwing can be seen on the bridge of the first Ark alongside Galvatron. As IDW continuity Thunderwing was supposed to have devastated Cybertron long after the Ark's departure, this is most. The Story of Super Robot Lifeforms: The Transformers 4. Next, Galvatron attempted to steal the Prime Energy Tower of the planet Feminia with an all-out assault. The Autobots defended the tower, but were overwhelmed by Galvatron's unit of Combiners; the scales tilted in. Transformers: Age of Extinction er en amerikansk sci-fi/actionfilm fra 2014. Filmen er regissert av Michael Bay, og har Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor, Kelsey Grammer og Stanley Tucci i hovedrollene. Filmen er den fjerde i rekken av Transformers-filmer, som tar plass fire år etter hendelsene i Transformers: Dark of the Moon 2011. Prime promises their freedom if they will help the Autobots. With that, the 4 released beings transform, and head towards the fight! With their help, the Autobots manage to destroy the drones, but Galvatron escapes in the fight while Stinger is killed by Bumblebee. The transformers are finally getting some character development.The few bots that don't have much screen time I'm completely OK with.As I said before, they did a great job setting up for the next film and those few characters who needed a bit more of the spotlight will definitely be back.

TransformersAge of Extinction – Wikipedia.

Galvatron G1 Teletraan IThe Transformers.

Galvatron ei uskonut järjestelmällisyyteen vaan puhtaaseen kaaoksen. Kultti hävitettiin, mutta Galvatron selvisi hengissä. Hän ei kuitenkaan enää uhannut Cybertronia, eikä hänen vaiheistaan Alkuperän aikakauden päättymisen jälkeen kerrottu mitään. Transformers – Tuhon aikakausi. Driven mad by dark energy, Galvatron is unpredictable and dangerous to all in his path, friend or foe alike. Galvatron joins the fight October 5th at 10AM PDT. Read More! Transformers 4 - L'era dell'estinzione Transformers: Age of Extinction è un film di fantascienza del 2014 diretto da Michael Bay. Il film è il quarto capitolo della serie cinematografica dedicata ai Transformers, che segna un semi-reboot dopo la prima trilogia composta da Transformers, Transformers - La vendetta del caduto e Transformers 3, con un cast umano totalmente nuovo. Transformers 4: L'Âge de l'Extinction. Galvatron apparaît comme l'antagoniste secondaire du film Transformers 4. Construit par KSI et initialement prévu pour ressembler au chef des Autobots, Optimus Prime ainsi qu'à Sentinel Prime.

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